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CBSE Board

Is Matter around us Pure

Matter and Classification

What consists a Mixture

How a solution is made

The Fundamental Unit of Life

Cell - Basic Aspects

Cell under Microscope

Plasma Membrane of a Cell

Matter in our Surroundings

Physical nature of matter

Characteristics of Particles of Nature

Atoms and Molecules

Law of Conservation of Mass

Law of constant proportion

Daltons Atomic Theory

Symbols of different Elements

Atomic Mass



Writing Chemical Formulae


Molecular mass

Concept of Mole

Structure Of The Atom

Thomsons model of an Atom

Rutherford Atomic model

Bohrs Model of Atom

Discovery of Neutrons

Spread of electrons in Orbits

Valency of an atom

Atomic Number and atomic mass

Isotopes and Isobar


What is a tissue

Study of tissue in Microscope

Diversity In Living Organism

Basis of Classification

Evolution and Classification

Hierarchy and Classification

Five kingdom classification

Kingdom Plantae

Force and Laws Of Motion

What is force

Types of Force

Effects of Force

Mass and Inertia

Conservation of momentum

Laws of Motion


What is Gravitation ?

Basics of Gravitational Force

Universal Law of Gravitation


What is sound

Propagation of Sound

Why Do we fall ill

Why do we fall ill Diseases

Infectious diseases

Natural Resources

What are natural resources

Air as a resource

Improvement In Food Resources

Improvement in food resources

Cropping pattern


Introduction to Motion

Distance and displacement

Maharastra State Board

Carbon An important element

Laws of motion

Work and Energy

Current and Electricity

Measurement of matter

Acids Bases and Salts

Classification of plants

Energy flow in an ecosystem

Useful and harmful Microbes

Environmental Management

Information Communication technology (ICT)

Reflection of Light

Study of Sound

Substances in common use

Life Process in Living organisms

Heredity and Variation

Introduction to Biotechnology

Observing Space Telescopes


CBSE Board

Linear Equations in Two Variables

Solutions of a linear equation

Graph of Linear equations in two variables

Equations of Line Parallel to X and Y axis


Angle Sum properties of Quadrilaterals

Types of Quadrilaterals

Properties of Parallelogram 1

Class IX Polynomials

Zeros of a Polynomial

Remainder Theorem

Factorisation of Polynomials

Factorisation of Quadratic Polynomials

Factorisation of Cubic Polynomials

Algebraic Identities

Algebraic Identities 2

Class IX Coordinate Geometry

Plotting points on Cartesian System

Basics of Coordinate Geometry

Quadrants of Cartesian Plane

Sign Convention for locating location of points in Plane

Introduction to Elucid's Geometry

Euclids Postulates and Axioms

Axioms and Postulates 2

5th Postulate of Euclid

Euclids 5th postulate Case I

Euclids 5th postulate Case II

Lines and Angles

Terms and Definitions of lines

Angles by intersecting lines

Theorem 2 Transverse Lines

Angle Sum properties of a Triangle

Class IX Triangles

Congruence of Triangles

Criteria for Congruence of a Triangle

Additional Properties of Triangles

Other cases of Congruence of Triangles

Inequalities related to triangles

Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

Figures on Same Base and between Same parallels

Class IX Constructions

Divisions of a line segment

Examples of diversion of Line segment

Construction of Triangles similar to Given one

Construct a triangle similar to given Triangle 2

Construction of tangents to a circle

More examples of constructions

Herons Formula

Area of Triangle by Herons formulae

Application of Herons Formula for Finding Area

Application of Herons Formula for Finding Area of Quadrilateral

Application of Herons Formula for Finding Area of Triangles

Class IX Surface Areas and Volumes

Surface area of Cuboids

Surface area of right circular cylinder

Surface area of Right circular Cone

Surface Area of a Sphere

Volume of Cuboid

Volume of Cylinder

Volume of right circular Cone

Volume of Sphere

Class IX Statistics

Introduction to Data

Graphical representation of data


Interpreting histograms

Frequency Polygons

Mean of Data

Class IX Probability

Application of Probability

Application of Probability

Some more examples of Probability


Basics of a Circle

Tangent to a circle

Tangents parallel to a Secant

Number of tangents from a point on a circle

Lengths of tangents

Tangent to a circle from outside point

Concept of Tangent at any Point on Circle

Number Systems

Showing irrational numbers on number line

Conversions of Decimal and fractions

Operations on Real numbers

Laws of components of real numbers

Real Numbers n their Decimal Expansion

Representing real numbers on Number line

Maharastra State Board

Proofs in Mathematics

Real Numbers

Polynomials and Factorisation


Linear equations in two variables



Elements of Geometry

Lines and Angles


Geometrical Constructions


Co-ordinate Geometry

Surface Area and volume


Social Studies

CBSE Board

Rise of nationalism in Europe

Rise of nationalism Europe

Physical Features of India